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Fine Art Photography For Sale

Signed Limited Edition and Open Editions Availible

From all my travel over the years,  I now offer my Photography as prints for sale, either as limited editions or as more affordable open edition prints. The signed limited editions are in various sizes, printed on UltraHD paper, and put under acrylic glass at Whitewall. I believe that this method, similar to that of the most sought-after fine art photographer, Peter Lik, really makes the colors pop. Subjects that I offer as wall art include landscape prints, wildlife prints, and travel scenes. Some of my favorites are the underwater photographs I took in Malaysia and the baby gorilla photograph I made in Rwanda. Other favorite themes include old American cars from the 1950s in Cuba and those spotted along a Route 66 trip often taken during “blue hour”. There is something beautiful and eerie in photographs created at the hour when the warm reddish colors of sunset fade into rich blues of the approaching evening. 

I also offer a curated series of fine art prints that are open edition. That is- they are not numbered or signed. They are therefore offered as more affordable fine art photography. These are ordered through my lab partner Printique. I hope you enjoy these photos as wall art for your home or office as inspiration for future travel or as a nostalgic reminder of your own past travels. Traveling not only consists of actually visiting a place but also of the fantasy of going there before you have even left your front door. While once afoot the fantasy certainly doesn’t always reflect reality, there are occasions where it surpasses it or enhances it. 


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